Three fantastic investments for you 4×4

Your car is your world on wheels. You so wish to make it one of the most good looking and rugged machines winning peoples heart and appreciation.. Especially, if you have a SUV then you so want to enhance its looks. Well, some accessories are not just for the looks but have a great need factor attached to them and make your life with your SUV comfortable.

When it comes to accessorising your SUV, you have to question yourself that, what is the aim behind adding a particular accessory to your SUV? For example do you really require the roof rack. Westcott Towbars & Roof Racks are the major supplier and Fitter ofBullbars, Roobars, Canopies and Trays, Cargo Barriers, Front Protection Bars, Ladder Racks, Roof Racks, Tradesman Racks, Spotlights and Towbars throughout the Perth region.The answer you have to give , where it can do a lot more than just being a car or you wish to add to the looks of the car and make it look chick and good looking.

Thought behind Accessory and worthwhile investments to make

  • Coming to enhancing your SUV‘s looks, to begin with you should do a simple thing, get a cover for your SUV. You will see for yourself by getting a simple cover you save your car from so much of damage. It saves it from getting dirty in the wind and from the sun and dust. Not to forget, it avoids the bird poop from dropping and discolouring the car. Thus it is a simple yet should be a must have for every car.
  • One need based accessory which has further given a completely new dimension to the world of SUV’s is the Tow bar.  The tow bar is a device attached to the chassis of your SUV. Here it takes the shape of a tow ball where it is able to rotate and fit itself in the ring or tow hook, thereby getting it latched firmly. This kind of an arrangement is generally very helpful and preferred in the agricultural towing arrangements. Coming to a SUV, it is so convenient to attach trailers with the car. Be it your canoe or boat everything can be towed when you are out on a holiday to the beach. The only thing to be taken care off is the kind of tow bar best suited as per the terrain you are travelling so that it is able to handle the load.
  • Mud flaps are another great accessory for your car. They not just protect the car, the passengers and also the pedestrians from mud and debris like small pebbles which can cause serious damage. These mud flaps deflect these particles in a different direction and thus save your car from damage. These mud flaps are generally made from rubber thus absorbing the impact from these harmful particles. Also these mud flaps now come in different colors and aerodynamic shapes to further add to the grandeur of your SUV.

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